What happened at LATAM Regional Summit in Mexico


What happened at LATAM Regional Summit in Mexico

Juliane Butty

DEC. 20, 2017

What happened at LATAM Regional Summit in Mexico



Seedstars Latam Summit – 10 key learnings before Christmas

One week ago took place the second edition of Seedstars Latam Summit. With as main partners Continental & BBVA Bancomer, Seedstars Latam Summit was hosted in Mexico City for a journey 3 intense days (and nights). Throughout the week, the event brought together over 430 people from investors, to volunteers passing by entrepreneurs, partners, media and much more. Rather than going into each session and moments into details (we know Christmas is coming and everybody is busy), we wanted to share 10 main learnings of this 2nd edition:

We hope you will enjoy the gift!

Seedstars Latam Growth Bootcamp – by Charlie Graham Brown, Chief of Growth & Investment Program at Seedstars.

Growth Bootcamp

Get a growth team in place as soon as possible, even if it’s just one person to start with. The growth team can grow over time as resource availability allows.

  • Strive to develop a growth culture internally which rewards experimentation, failure and learning.
  • Growth is a process. Processes are painful so don’t expect it to be fun all the time, it’s a question of discipline, results will come over time!
  • Remember, if the CEO/founder don’t emphasize its importance since the beginning, your growth machine is doomed to fail from the start.

Seedstars Latam CX workshop by Genesys

In a dynamic and competitive world, innovation is not sufficient, the companies that will be able to create a strong customer experience and build trust will be the one making the difference.

Seedstars Latam Ecosystem Day – City tour by Nacho & the Secretaria de Turismo

Mexico City was founded under the name of Tenochtitlan in 1325 by the Aztec. It was the biggest city of Pre-Colombian Americas.

Seedstars Latam Investor Forum & VIP Dinner by BBVA Bancomer:


Organise 1:1 meeting between investors & startups. From feedback we got, this activity adds a lot of value for both parties, we learned out of them that 3 keys for its success are: anticipated matching (ask investors for their interest & ticket sizes) – dynamic meetings (15 – 25 minutes is enough!) – entrepreneurs coaching (if possible work beforehand on valuation, financial and how to pitch to investors with the entrepreneurs).

Seedstars Latam Mobility: Mexico 2030 – Think Thank by Continental

The automobile industry is to be transformed into a mobility industry. This means that the vehicle of the futureis to be connected and intelligent making its own decision. An efficient Mobility for Mexico 2030 has to be built with technology (Big Data, IoT, AI, cloud), government smart support (regulations, infrastructure) & a wide range of talents.

Seedstars Latam E-commerce: Cross Border – Think Thank by Federico Lara, CTO Fedex Cross Border

Cross Border is not a new division or model of commercialization but a democratization of the (e-)commerce. An opportunity estimated to worth USD8-10 trillions by 2025. Create your unfair advantage, go cross border from Day one!

Seedstars Latam Final Event – THE MAIN LEARNING: Invest in People

Seedstars Latam Finals

“Ideas comes and go, capital is an unstable resource but people is what lasts” Isaac Philips, Co-founder of Pig.gi, SSW Mexico Winner 2015.


If there is one single advice to give is invest in your team. Maintain their engagement with the mission, offer equity to your people so that you build success & hopefully share the outcomes togetherOnil Pereyra, CTO Instacarro.


“Disrupt yourself before someone else does! Invest in human capital: empowerment, decentralisation of decision and creation of a culture!” Luis Barrios, Founder of Hoteles City Express.


“Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. Give equity to your employees. That’s the only way we will be able to have a multiple effect of a new generation of entrepreneurs and angels investors, when you guys are successful. This how you connect the talent with the opportunity!”Andres Barreto, Founder of FirstRock Capital and many other ventures.

… we wish to all our rocking startups:

To all our beloved partners that believe in us: BBVA, BBVA Bancomer, Continental, Inicia Educacion, Amazon, Microsoft Mexico,Fedex Cross Border, Genesys, Hoteles City Express, Amadeus, Bradesco & Grant Thornton in Brazil, IDB in Ecuador, Visanet in Peru, Development Bank of Jamaica, Banco Progreso in Dominican Republic, Red Enlace & the Swiss Cooperation for Development in Bolivia, this to just give some of them…

To our media that followed us during the year and that week, among other, PulsoSocial, Klika and Forbes Latam.

To all our readers, followers, supporters, generous hosts…

Happy Christmas & New Year!! Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo! Feliz Natal & Ano Novo!


“Have big ambition, be entrepreneur is extremely hard. It will take you all your time, all your heart. You will have to invest the same no matter the size of the issue you tackle, but if it the challenge is smaller, the return will not be as impactful”.Vera Makarov, founder of apli, SSW Mexico Winner of 2016.

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