SeedstarstheDocumentary: Emerging Market Entrepreneurs

Seedstars Global

FEBRUARY 30, 2020

The documentary tells a story about Alima and Peter, founders of Cowtribe, an African startup that helps farmers vaccinate their animals, preventing stock loss and supporting the Ghanaian economy. Their startup won the first place in the local Seedstars World Competition 2018 in Ghana, which gave them first a ticket to the regional Seedstars Summit Africa 2018, and then to the global Seedstars Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland, where they competed with 75+ others for the title of the best startup and $500K in equity investment.
From their home place in Ghana to the pitching competition in Lausanne, we followed their footsteps to capture their path as entrepreneurs and actors of change in their community. The storyline of the documentary is built around their personal story, background, aspirations, and reveals behind the scenes of the Seedstars World Competition.

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