Building Homes for Displaced People Worldwide | Jens Olsson


Building Homes for Displaced People Worldwide | Jens Olsson

Seedstars Global

03/03/2020 00h31

Looking for a more impactful role in the world, Jens joined Life Shelter as a Managing Director. The company provides sustainable home solutions for displaced people around the world, supported by different international organisations and foundations. Jens has played a key role in building and keeping great partnerships, something that he attributes as one of the best pieces of advice for any social entrepreneur.

“Takes two people and two days to build a shelter”, says Jens referencing the time and people needed to build one of their homes. Currently focusing their solution in places like Uganda and the Middle East, Jens also believes that it is crucial when recruiting, that people believe that it’s the company’s obligation to create a better world for children. “We are looking for that kind of person that would work for the poorest people in the world”, says Jens.

Life Shelter continues growing and scaling, with a solid technical background, sustainable model and rewarding feedback from the people living in their homes. In this podcast, Jens also shares some of his tips when managing a social business and the importance of understanding how to navigate different challenging scenarios.

Life Shelter is one of the ten winners selected for the Entrepreneur Migration Prize by HSD. This podcast along with the Migration Episode from the Online Seedstars Summit will give you a glimpse into how this company is changing the tide for the better.

The podcast is also available in the video format:

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