Bringing Sound and Sight to Over 700 Million People Worldwide | Hugo Jácome Andrade

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Hugo’s entrepreneurial journey started at a very young age when he was at primary school and selling dinosaur drawings during breaks. Unfortunately, it was a short-lived business. When the faculty of the school realized he was selling his drawings for money the “shop had to close”. Since then, he has become famous for his startup Talov. Talov provides two solutions: one to support people with hearing impairment and another to support people with visual disabilities in accessing the simplest of services and support in their day to day lives.

Present in over 60 countries and with 35 languages proposed on its apps, Talov is a powerful tool that gives a sense of community to those that feel like they are being left behind. One of the company’s latest solutions is a service that allows visually impaired people to detect the number on a currency bill, which in reality all feel and weigh the same. It gives a voice to a community of over 700 million people worldwide living the same challenges.

From his offices of Quito, Ecuador, Hugo is able to connect with all of them, helping him continuously iterate and build new solutions.

Talov was also selected as one of two winners of the ICT Accessibility Prize by MADA. Watch more on Hugo during the Digital Access for All Episode from the Online Seedstars Summit.
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The podcast is also available in the video format:

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