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Bringing Displaced People Together With Locals | Berat Kjamili

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Talking about life as a migrant and as a social entrepreneur, Berat shared his story with us in this exclusive podcast.

Before starting Migport, a knowledge-sharing platform that serves as a meeting point between locals and refugees with the aim of ensuring social integration with solutions, Berat himself was no stranger to the plights of migrants, even as a child. It is his background that has enabled him to gain awareness of the problems as well as develop a solution to make the lives of migrant minorities better.

This ultimately fuelled his passion for social entrepreneurship. He talks about his experience as a social entrepreneur in this interview, highlighting his firm belief that impact and profitability can go hand in hand. Berat shares that entrepreneurs who want to make a difference need to believe not only in the solution that they are creating but also in their own abilities to make that impact.

Migport is one of the ten winners selected for the Entrepreneur Migration Prize by HSD. This podcast along with the Migration Episode from the Online Seedstars Summit will give you a glimpse into how this company is changing the tide for the better.

The podcast is also available in the video format:

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